Slaughter Videos

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I stumbled across these videos while working on a different project.  In them, Temple Grandin walks us through the entire slaughter process from loading to boxing for all the major livestock species.  Each video places emphasis on the transparency and realities of the process with an emphasis on humane handling practices.  It must be said that these videos are meant to show how things are supposed to work in these plants and that despite the USDA’s best efforts, not all plants are this safe, clean, or efficient.   That being said, these videos are in stark contrast to the typical animal welfare videos that are often purposely edited and manipulated to show conditions and suffering meant to further their particular animal rights cause.   As with most things, there are many extreme views and opinions with the realities existing somewhere in between.  But allow me to digress.   These videos are well produced, filmed, and executed.  I sat and watched them all in one go and learned something from every one of them. So if you are the type who buys their meat at the local grocery store, you now have a chance to see how it got there.

Video Tour of Lamb Plant

Video Tour of Pork Plant

Video Tour of Turkey Plant

Video Tour of Beef Plant


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