Where’s the Snow?


Where’s the snow?  We’re quickly getting to the point where we are going to have to start to prepare for summer issues as a direct result of this abnormal winter. The lack of both snow and lasting cold are going to affect us all in various ways this summer.  Without the snow melt our wells and ponds may dry up quicker making us vulnerable to serious water and heat issues.  Now is the time to get your drought plans in place.  Do you have a sacrifice paddock for animals accessible to water for when the weather is 90 degrees and your usual ponds are just puddles?  Can you manage this seasons hay to have some left over to feed if the grass stops growing for two months?  On top of the lack of water there is also the issue of parasites.  Spring is prime time for the emergence of various parasites and without any significant cold this winter you can be sure that more of the buggers have survived and are waiting for hosts.  Is your parasite plan up to date?  Have you taken the FAMACHA class and are prepared to properly access your stocks parasitic loads?  Have you built extra bird houses to increase fly control?  Whatever you need to do the time is now.  It is true that as farmers we work under the paradigm of worst case scenarios, but it also holds that as a community we can help each other out to make sure that we have the best year possible.


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